MAGNET42 is specialised in providing highly qualified graduates & juniors and medior/senior level European Software Specialists to companies as Consultants, Try & Hire, or Turn-key Projects.

As an official partner to AKKA and the AKKAdemy we are able to guarantee the quality of the highly skilled people we offer you.


  • All are highly motivated graduates from Premier European Universities.
  • All have successfully completed AKKAdemy’s International Graduate program
  • All have a European nationality and can work throughout Europe
  • All speak excellent or fluent English (C1/C2)


Our team of dedicated account and field managers is available to answer all your questions or to provide additional support when you need it.

AKKA is a leading European consulting engineering company with more than 21,000 highly qualified employees.  AKKA provides the best of the best engineers and is always eager to meet the highest quality standards.
Visit for further information about AKKA.

AKKAdemy’s International Graduate Program provides additional education and on-the-job training to fresh or recent graduates from Europe’s premier universities and engineering schools, including specific training if needed, to meet customer requirements.

AKKA plays a major role on the global market with offices located all around the world.